Growing Basil In An EarthBox

Growing basil in an EarthBox is foolproof. So you have tried everything and you just can’t figure out how to a grow a large and healthy basil plant. Maybe you don’t have the right type of soil in your yard, maybe you live in an apartment building and only have a balcony and nothing you try works, or maybe you lack a green thumb like so many others. How can you fix this problem? One way, the EarthBox.

What Is An EarthBox?

Growing herbs and basil in an EarthBox

Growing basil (along with oregeno and parsley) easily in an EarthBox

An EarthBox is a self contained growing device that makes growing basil, and almost any other type of herb or vegetable, easy. Plants, water, soil, and fertilizer are all combined into one small and easy to manage container. Just fill up the reservoir with water as needed and your plants will grow large. No more worrying about when or how much to water. No more worrying about digging large holes in tough soil. No more worrying about weeds. Growing large plants is foolproof.

Where To Buy

If you are looking to buy an EarthBox, you can buy it from